Suffering leading to grace

-A testimony of Holly Quon

The saying, “When it rains, it pours.” aptly described the calamities landing on my family. In April 2008, I was diagnosed to have early stage cancer. Two days later, my father was found to have brain cancer, with an inoperable tumor. No treatment was available to him, and he was left to die. Shortly after being admitted to the hospital, he lost his mobility, and had difficulty swallowing his food. He passed away only two months later. During that time, I underwent two operations, but did not have to endure any other treatments. In my weakened state, I still had to go to the hospital every day to care for my dying father. Those were indeed very challenging days for me. I was thankful that Herald Cancer Care sent volunteer Suki to visit and care for me. She prayed for me and gave me encouragement. What moved me deeply was when Suki knelt at the bedside of my father to pray for him. Her praying from the heart touched me. I told her more than once that when I regained my health, I would join her to be a cancer care volunteer. I had come to know what it meant to receive care during tough times. God’s love was reflected through His servants at Herald Cancer Care. I was encouraged and strengthened, and I want to share that kind of love with those who need it.

God was merciful in healing me. Deep inside, I know that it was God’s grace. The right thing for me to do is to reciprocate that love with my action. In October of the same year, I received the volunteer training of Herald Cancer Care and began my caring service.

The family I am currently caring for happens to have a father and a daughter both suffering from cancer. I am partnering with another volunteer to visit them, listen to them, and offer emotional and spiritual support to them. Through this caring process, the father was transformed from an isolated person not wanting to communicate with others to one who enjoyed our visits and opened up to talk to us. His wife watched the “Showers of Blessing” broadcast and was moved by the stories in the program. She requested our prayers for the family. This elderly couple even started to pray together mornings and evenings asking for peace from God. Their daughter was healed from her cancer. The couple made a decision to accept Jesus as their Savior. The father was recently admitted to a convalescent hospital. Our visits filled him with peace and happiness. I truly wish that all cancer patients who suffer physically and emotionally may be drawn to God to be blessed with the same blessing of peace and protection.

Recovering from my own illness, I have come to experience much of God’s grace. I have also come to realize the true meaning and value of my life. God has revealed to me that:

Life is like a candle, bringing light to others, at the expense of losing itself

Life is like salt, seasoning others while giving up itself

What a beautiful life it is to be light and salt. I truly feel that all my fellow volunteers of Herald Cancer Care are like candles and salt, bringing God’s caring and warmth to many cancer patients in the Bay Area.