Testimonies from our cancer patients and our caregivers. 癌友和關懷義工的見證


錄影見證 Video Testimonies


Teresa's Story (with Chinese subtitles)

Through an incredibly difficult cancer experience, Teresa encountered God and through this inner journey, she found her true identity as a child of God. Her survival from cancer also brought her a spiritual renewal. View this true life story as told by Teresa herself.



Mrs. Yu's Story (with Chinese subtitles)

Cancer caused Mrs. Yu to suffer to the point where she wanted to give up. She was overwhelmed by a sense of hopelessness and helplessness, and depressed by loneliness.  This is her true story of how God delivered her from this valley and gave her a new life in Him.


心靈的醫治 - 蓮姐的故事 

The life changing story of sister Lian (with Chinese subtitles)

Cancer diagnosis came as a shock to Lian, causing her world to collapse around her. Through Christian caring that ushered her back to God, she found peace and was granted one miracle after another to convince her how real God is. Lian started to walk with God, and this brings her family closer together.


Ruby 的故事  

Ruby's story (with Chinese subtitles)

Cancer pushed Ruby to the brink of death. After the doctors gave up on her and put her in hospice care, God opened a new door to bring healing. Emerging from a journey of extreme suffering, she not only survived, but have found a new purpose in life to share her message of hope wherever she finds the opportunity.