Book Sale

In U.S.A:

There are three ways to buy the listed books. (Sorry, we can only ship within the U.S. for the time being.) Any questions please call 510-893-3210.

1.   In-store purchase  (price chart)

    • CCHCSF office, 536-8th Street, Oakland, California (510) 893-3210

2. Mail order paid by check

3.   Online order paid by credit card:

            Please fill out the form below and 'submit'. You'll be asked to pay by credit card. An order confirmation will be emailed to you.

Paid by check:

1.   Print out the Book Order Form

2. Fill in ordering information. With a check made payable to CCHCSF, send Form and check to: CCHCSF Book Order,  PO Box 1047, Oakland CA 94604-1047